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2023 Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship Winner

Horton & Mendez Injury Attorneys is excited to announce our 2022 winner of the Bobby Mendez Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship for $2,500.

We selected Thomas C. Oves for our scholarship award, who is currently attending the University of Delaware and pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity.

Thomas’ father suffered a traumatic brain injury at their home and passed away from a brain bleed in 2017. Thomas says this accident ignited his spirit to fight just as his dad had done throughout long-term illnesses. He went on to have an incredible season of high school football and wrestling, excelled in his education, and continues to live up to his father’s legacy each day.

We admire Thomas’ commitment and find his story draws parallels to the impact that a traumatic brain injury left on Attorney Nick Mendez’s life, whose father is named in honor of this scholarship. This award will help reduce the financial strain for the Oves family as Thomas continues his college career.

We’d like to congratulate Thomas C. Oves again and thank him for his submission. We wish him the best in completing his degree.

Financial Aid for Traumatic Brain Injury

The Mendez Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship provides a one-time scholarship award to an individual or family member of an individual who has suffered from brain trauma. In addition to providing financial aid for the recipient, the award aims to raise awareness of the challenges of brain injury survivors and honor the outstanding accomplishments of those who persevere after suffering an injury.

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