Civil Rights Violations

Aggressive defense of your civil rights

Our way of life in America is built on the rights our founding fathers knew were important enough to protect in the U.S. Constitution. Over time, legislators have expanded those rights and the ability of citizens to pursue people or government bodies that unlawfully interfere with those rights. Seemingly, now more than ever our civil rights are under attack.

Police brutality and the abuse of power have become constant features on the nightly news and in social media. But, instances of civil rights violations that may not get publicity also can have a significant impact on victims. Racial discrimination, the mistreatment of persons with disabilities, sexual assault, and interference with the rights to free speech, association, and religion are all examples of civil rights violations that can have serious consequences.

What can you recover?

Under various North Carolina and federal laws, victims of civil rights violations can recover past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses caused by the violation. Importantly, many civil rights violations allow for the recovery of attorney fees and costs associated with bringing a lawsuit to hold violators responsible. That helps us take on more cases where we can help our clients seek justice no matter how small the violation.

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