Deck Collapses

In North Carolina, we are proud of our beautiful beaches, and we host millions of visitors each year.

Getting the family together and renting a vacation rental at one of our beaches is a timeless tradition for families across the country. Unfortunately, vacation rental homes are sometimes neglected and endanger unwary vacationers.  

Decks suspended high in the air can be particularly dangerous. The corrosive effects of the salt air environment wreaks havoc on nails, often resulting in rickety decks and railings. On top of normal wear and tear, these properties are exposed to the elements: hurricanes, winter storms, and constant salt water exposure. This means vacation rental owners have an obligation to inspect their decks to make sure they are safe for guests. 

Hanger/toe nail failure

Corroded fasteners

Post and beam failure

Common causes of railing and deck failures and collapses include:

Wood board rot

Foundation failure

Ledger board splits 

Ledger boards pull away from the house

The North Carolina building code requires that all railings support at least 200 pounds of weight. And the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act , found in N.C. Gen. Stat. § 42A requires these homeowners and their rental agencies to safeguard visitors against the kinds of dangers created by aging decks. Despite the rules, property owners sometimes put a few extra bucks over the safety of their tenants. If you believe that a deck failure resulted in serious injuries, we are here to help. Chances are the property owner may have failed to properly inspect and/or repair their deck. There may even be other parties at fault.  

We live on the coast, understand the conditions, and have represented clients involved in cases with serious injuries resulting from deck collapses. These types of cases can become complex and we may need to work with expert structural engineers to prove your case. Hiring the right attorney that knows trustworthy experts can make a difference in whether a claim is paid.

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