Medical Malpractice

Making sure doctors and hospitals are held accountable

Injuries from medical malpractice can be some of most difficult to understand, and difficult to prove. Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional acts in a manner that falls below the accepted standard of care in the medical community. Patients or their families may have a “gut feeling” that they did not receive the care they’re entitled to. Act on your gut and involve a North Carolina medical malpractice attorney at Horton & Mendez as soon as possible. 

After an investigation and determining that a viable claim exists, the medical malpractice attorneys at Horton & Mendez work to assemble the appropriate team of experts to help prove the case. Under North Carolina’s special rules pertaining to medical malpractice claims, embodied in Rule 9(j) of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, bringing a claim requires a medical expert to certify that there has been a shortcoming in the care provided. That is why we rely upon highly respected medical experts to help prove cases for our clients. 



Surgical errors or mistakes 

Hospital errors or mistakes 

Failing to diagnose a serious illness or chronic disease

Birth injuries 

Medication errors 

Some examples of medical malpractice claims handled by our firm include:

Medical equipment failure 

Nursing errors 

Hospital falls 

Providing improper treatment

Failure to treat

If you believe your treatment went wrong, contact the North Carolina medical malpractice attorneys at Horton & Mendez so we can move swiftly to launch an investigation to uncover the problems with your care. Time is of the essence.

North Carolina has a statutory period of time within which a claim must be brought that could vary depending on the facts of your case. Generally, cases where the injured party survived must be brought within three years from the date of injury. In other instances where the injury may not be apparent right away, the time to bring a claim could extend the statute of limitations to one year from the time the injury was or should have been discovered, with no more than four years passing from when the injury was caused. When a death is caused by medical malpractice, a claim must be brought within two-years from the date of death.  

Contact the North Carolina medical malpractice lawyers at Horton & Mendez today for your free confidential consultation. We will help you understand the rules that apply to your particular case and do what we can to set things right, or as right as they can be.


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