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The initial shock and burns from an electrical contact are only part of the challenges faced by people with electrical and burn injuries.

Electrocution and burn injuries can sometimes lead to unique and complex medical conditions. The nervous system and other vital parts of the human body can be permanently disrupted, leading to serious consequences for the injured party.

To make matters worse, utility companies have teams of investigators, insurance adjusters, and lawyers that routinely handle electrocution claims with the goal of preventing or minimizing any recovery by the injured party. We know their game plan. Prior to forming Horton & Mendez, we represented major public utility companies in cases alleging multi-million dollar damages resulting from electrocution and burn injuries.

The most common types of electrocution and burn injuries are:

Electrocution: Death resulting from electric shock.

Electric Shock: Injury occurring when somebody comes into contact with an electric wire or piece of equipment that is not properly grounded; electric shock is when electrical current flows through the body.

Fire burns: Injury caused by fire from an electrical malfunction.

Electrical burns: Injury that occurs when an electrical current enters and exits the body and causes electrical burns.

Electrical appliances, devices, and workplace equipment can cause electrical and/or burn injuries as well. Common causes for these types of hazards include:

Poor wiring and defective electric wires: When defective wiring causes a fire..

Overhead power lines: When contact occurs with a failing power line.

Ground faults: If a circuit is not properly grounded, then merely plugging in a piece of equipment can cause electric shock and/or electrocution.

Electrical overloads: This may occur when too many devices are plugged into a circuit and causes a fire.

Improperly covering electric cords and/or wires.

Outlets installed too close to water sources.

Space heaters located too close to combustible surfaces.

Improper use of extension cords.

Burn injuries can have a variety of causes, and it is critical to quickly investigate a potential claim. These types of cases can become very complex, and involve engineering experts and the understanding of nuanced safety rules designed to protect people from electrical injuries.

We have successfully resolved electrocution and burn cases for a number of clients. You can trust the attorneys at Horton & Mendez to protect your interests if you’ve suffered an electrocution or burn injury. Call us today for your free confidential consultation.

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