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The Horton & Mendez Injury Attorneys are proud to be personal injury lawyers representing Jacksonville, NC. We’re familiar with how the insurance companies operate because we’ve been on their team. Now, we work for you.

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Jacksonville, NC

Attorneys Devlin Horton and Nick Mendez used to work for the insurance companies. We know all the tactics insurance companies use to stop people from getting the compensation they deserve. We’ve brought everything we’ve learned together and started Horton & Mendez Injury Attorneys. If you’ve been hurt by the actions of others, we can be your personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville, NC.

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Cases We Handle

Car accidents

Don’t let the insurance company tactics work on you. Get the representation you need and secure your compensation following a car accident in Jacksonville, NC.

Motorcycle accidents

Being the victim of a motorcycle accident can be costly. It can change your life in an instant. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Jacksonville can help you so that you don’t have to bear the costs of an accident that someone else is to blame.

Truck accidents

When big trucks cause big injuries, you need a personal injury lawyer that’s able to handle a complex case. Our truck accident lawyers have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of commercial trucking claims.

Wrongful death

Even though insurance companies should do the right thing following a wrongful death, they still try to deny and minimize payments. Our law firm represents your interests in a wrongful death case, and we fight for justice after a fatal accident.

Workers’ compensation

Do you need medical care, replacement income, and other benefits following a workplace injury? You can have a law firm representing you. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Jacksonville, NC advocate for injured employees.

We Represent Plaintiffs

Our personal injury attorneys serve victims and families of the injured in Jacksonville, NC. Whether you are a resident or you have been injured in our area, we can represent your interests. We’re former insurance defense lawyers and can anticipate what they do to fight your claim, and we know how to fight back.

With diverse experience, consistent client communication, and legal knowledge, we get results for injured victims and their families. Horton & Mendez Injury Attorneys can handle your accident and injury claim. Let us be your advocate when skilled legal resources are what you need most.

Experience Matters

We’re prepared to fight for justice throughout all stages of your case.

The case

A personal injury case is a claim for compensation. When someone else is at fault for hurting someone, they should pay the victim. Fault is usually based on a lack of reasonable care that leads to an accident. To receive payment, the victim brings a case.

The representation

Our law firm knows what steps to take. But we also know how to strategize and fight the defense’s attempts to avoid liability. We represent our clients from the initial investigation through settlement negotiations and court. If you are first beginning your case, or you have already started, we can help.

The results

Ultimately, a personal injury case is about the compensation that a victim receives. You may choose to accept a settlement or go to trial. Building a strong case gets results. We’re ready to get results for you.

If you’ve been in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it may be your first involvement in the legal system. But you can have experience on your side. You can have Horton & Mendez represent you throughout the personal injury case process.

Serious Injuries, Serious Representation

You can’t plan for how an unexpected injury changes your life. Your activities, family life, and work may have instantly changed. Now, you’re talking about medical care and healing. There are medical bills to worry about while you’re trying to heal.

You shouldn’t have to bear the financial expense of a personal injury. You should be compensated for your financial losses and paid for the personal cost of being an injury victim. The party responsible, or their insurance company should provide fair payment.

Getting the compensation that you deserve isn’t easy, but our law firm is here to make it easier.

We work on your behalf to prove your case. Then, we negotiate with the insurance company for a settlement, or we take your case to trial. With our years of experience directly with the insurance companies, we provide serious representation for victims with serious injuries.

Free consultations

It’s free to have a consultation with a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer at Horton & Mendez.

Let us evaluate your case and answer our questions. Meet our legal team and learn about how we provide representation at no cost to you. We can start representing you today. Call 910-405-7751 for your consultation.

Compensation for Personal Injury Accidents

Victims often ask: What is my personal injury case worth? What are they paying me for, exactly?

Personal injury compensation reflects the severity of the victim’s damages. Compensation may include:

Medical bills

Following the incident, you probably received emergency or urgent medical care. Costs for immediate medical care can be compensated, along with projected future medical care, mobility devices and supports, rehabilitation, prescription medications, and other health care costs.

Lost wages and income

An injured victim may be left unable to work. They may never fully return to their career. Compensation may reflect lost wages and long-term career changes resulting from injuries.

Property damage

To the extent your vehicle and other personal property have been damaged, you may include these losses in your legal claim.

Household expenses and related costs

An unexpected injury changes the family dynamic. The household may need help with maintaining the home or caring for children and other family members. These tangible losses that may be identified and claimed.

Pain and suffering

Injuries are physically painful. Victims should be recognized for the pain and suffering that accompanies physical harm.

Emotional anguish

It can be hard to process how your life has changed and grieve how your life used to be. Emotional suffering is another important part of fully valuing a personal injury case.

Damaged lifestyle and life expectancy

Injuries often prevent victims from living life the way they did before the accident. When harm impacts the victim’s lifestyle or life expectancy, the law recognizes your right to compensation.

There are several things that impact compensation amounts, including the losses suffered by the victim and the strength of the legal case. We investigate and build your case. With our detailed approach, guided by our experience, we are well-suited to help you with any personal injury case.

Jacksonville Office Location and Directions


507 New Bridge St Unit 700

Jacksonville, NC 28540


We are located on New Bridge St. between Warlick St. and North Bayshore Blvd in Jacksonville, NC. Parking is available on the street or in the lot behind the building. Nearby landmarks are the New Bridge Middle School and the Children’s Museum of Jacksonville.

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Recent Wins

Millions recovered for our clients. No amount of money can undo a life changing injury. Our mission is to make sure you don’t suffer financially.

Burn Injury

Judgment in severe third degree burn injury case.


Confidential Settlement


Bike Accident

Cyclist struck by underinsured motorist.


Rear End Collision

Rear end collision that resulted in our client suffering a back injury that required surgery.


Dog bite settlement

Minor bit in the face by a dog.


Trucking Collision

Commercial trucking accident off highway 40.


Auto Accident.

Head-on Collision at intersection.

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100% Secure and Confidential
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Free Case Evaluation
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More Wins

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