How Much Does it Cost To Litigate a Personal Injury Case in NC?

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Litigation is expensive. People think you can just file a lawsuit and get rich quick. That’s not how it works. Filing a lawsuit requires skill, local expertise, and resources. In personal injury lawsuit, our firm fronts all the litigation expenses for our clients. If we win the lawsuit, or settle the case, then the expenses come out of the recovery. If we lose, then most of the time we’re stuck with the bill.

Insurance companies settle most cases because they want to avoid litigation. Chiefly, they want to avoid the expense of litigation. So what costs go into litigating a case? At first, you have pay a filing fee. In most jurisdictions, this cost $200. You also have to pay a process server or Sherriff to serve your lawsuit on the Defendant.

Once you’ve filed a lawsuit, the costs continue to incur. You will need to engage in discovery to build up the evidence for your case. Postage and printing costs quickly add up processing hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of documents. Medical providers often charge up to 50 cents per page for medical records. In a major case with thousands of documents, these costs add up quick.

Some cases require expert witnesses to prove liability and your injuries. If the insurance company is disputing fault, or whether you were injured in the accident then you probably need to hire experts. Most experts charge hundreds of dollars and hour to perform site visits, run simulations, and prepare reports. Medical experts charge thousands of dollars to review medical records and offer their opinions in a report. If the case doesn’t settle, these experts need to be deposed. Some doctors charge up to a $900 an hour to be deposed. On top of all that, you have to pay the court reporter to transcribe the testimony into a transcript.

If you don’t settle and have to proceed to trial then the costs continue to stack up.


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