Premises Liability 

Premises liability refers to a property owner or operator’s responsibility for keeping the property reasonably safe for lawful visitors.

It is important to hire a North Carolina personal injury attorney who will quickly investigate your claim. At first, we will seek to know exactly what happened. Your attorney will want to see photographs, documentation, and obtain whatever information is available regarding the injury claim. 

Past Medical Bills

Future Medical Bills

Pain & Suffering

What can you recover?

Permanent Injury 

Interference with Activities of Daily Life

Lost Wages

Loss of Future Economic Opportunity/Income

Why should I hire an attorney?

North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, which means that even if the injured party is any degree at fault, recovery is barred. Often in premises liability cases, the insurance company will almost reflexively deny the claim on the basis of contributory negligence. The defense will likely argue that there was a known hazard, and that the injured party failed to keep a reasonable lookout or contributed to the accident in other ways. The insurance company may also argue that the property owner did not know about the hazard.

 In North Carolina, premise liability cases can be challenging. But, as former insurance defense attorneys we understand how these claims will be defended. This experience helps us to develop the most effective legal strategies your case may allow. Contact the North Carolina premises liability attorneys at Horton & Mendez today for a free confidential consultation. 


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