Trucking Accidents

Big trucks carry big consequences

An auto accident involving a large commercial vehicle may involve catastrophic injuries or death. Time is critical after a truck crash, and the legal team at Horton & Mendez will act swiftly to investigate the accident and preserve evidence that may be crucial to receiving the compensation you deserve.  

 Many commercial trucks are equipped with sophisticated GPS systems and dash cameras that record every detail of an accident. Some vehicles also include an electronic control module or “black box,” that maintains crucial information regarding the truck's speed, direction, and other useful information. Whether the driver or trucking company has complied with all the licensing, training, and hours restrictions can also be important evidence in a trucking accident case.

 The sooner you contact an attorney at Horton & Mendez, the sooner we can act to secure evidence and begin a prompt investigation into the cause of the accident. 

Past Medical Bills

Future Medical Bills

Pain & Suffering

Permanent Injury

Interference with Activities of Daily Life 

Lost Wages

Loss of Future Economic Opportunity/Income

What can you recover?

Under North Carolina law, you may be able to recover monetary damages if you have been injured by another person’s negligence. These damages may include reimbursement or compensation for:

What happens after a collision?

Insurance companies may try to contact you immediately after an accident to obtain a recorded statement about the accident and your injuries. Any statements you make to the insurance company could be used against you.  

Before speaking with the insurance company, protect your rights and contact an experienced North Carolina trucking accident attorney at Horton & Mendez. Our consultations are always free and you will not pay a fee unless you receive compensation.  

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