How To Negotiate a Settlement with An Insurance Claims Adjuster

Settlement is an important part of the claims process. Every claim that is brought against an insured, must be resolved. …

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For Immediate Release: Statement on Behalf of Emilee & Kevin Hanks

Jacksonville, NC – August 16, 2021 – The Hanks were saddened to learn on Friday the 13th of August, 2021, …

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How Much Does it Cost To Litigate a Personal Injury Case?

Litigation is expensive. People think you can just file a lawsuit and get rich quick. That’s not how it works. …

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What to do if you’re injured in an Uber in North Carolina

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have become a major part of modern life. People use these services when they …

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How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers make money by winning personal injury claims in court or by settling personal injury cases out of …

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Is my back injury covered by workers’ comp?

What is workers’ compensation? The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act requires qualifying employers to provide benefits to employees that suffer …

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What is Contributory Negligence in North Carolina?

WHAT IS CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE? Determining who is legally at fault for a motor vehicle accident is sometimes easier said than …

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7 Things NOT to Do After a Car Accident

Car accidents are always unexpected. There are specific things you should do after a car accident, such as calling the …

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NC Should Pass Victims Fair Treatment Act

North Carolina is one of only 4 states that still allows pure contributory negligence. This means you cannot recover damages …

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Peloton recalls all treadmills after a child’s death and 70 injuries

Peloton has recalled all of its treadmills. A governmental agency previously released an “urgent warning” for users of the treadmill. …

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