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At Horton & Mendez, we are car accident lawyers in Jacksonville, NC who know how the insurance companies think. That’s because we used to work for the insurance companies.

If you’ve been hurt in a crash, we invite you to call Horton & Mendez at (910) 490-4303 or message us to talk about your auto accident case.

Why Horton & Mendez Are The Right Traffic Collision Attorneys For Your Claim

If you’ve been in a car accident in Jacksonville, NC, you have the right to get a lawyer on your side. At Horton & Mendez, we know the tactics of the insurance companies and how they avoid paying claims. With this knowledge, we opened a law firm that serves three locations to best represent victims and their families across North Carolina. Today, we focus on helping people who have been hurt in car accidents to claim their compensation.

We are full-service lawyers. Our team is currently taking cases in our Jacksonville, NC offices, representing clients throughout the region.

Contact us to learn more and start your case.

What a Lawyer Can Do After a Car Accident

You may have the right to financial compensation, but getting it – even in a straightforward case, usually isn’t easy. The insurance company won’t tell you what you deserve. They won’t build the evidence in your favor. A settlement offer may be too low. They may tell you that you don’t have a case when you can win your case by building the evidence and pursuing your legal rights.

Our car accident lawyers have the knowledge and resources to pursue justice in your case.

Here are some ways our attorneys serve car accident victims:


The police may respond to the accident scene. They may document some evidence and create a crash report. However, they are not your advocate. The police aren’t there to make sure you get your compensation. We build on the evidence gathered at the scene and conduct our own investigation.


Once we have the facts, we will evaluate your case. Our team can identify the strengths of the case and aspects to focus on.


Getting compensation takes diligent pursuit of the case. We may begin with insurance company negotiations. It may be necessary to file your case in court and even bring it to trial. For each client, we use a customized case plan based on the strength of your case and your wishes.


Your lawyer is your guide. We’re always here to answer questions and prepare you for each step in the case.

Car Accident Compensation

Do I have a claim for car accident compensation?

Car accident compensation depends on fault for the accident. North Carolina assigns fault for a car accident based on negligence. Usually, that means violating a traffic law. Common examples are improper lane change, speeding, or following too closely.

A party may be at fault for a traffic accident if they act negligently or with a lack of reasonable care and caution under the circumstances. Violating a traffic law is not required. Most claims are based on negligence, but recklessness or intentional acts may also be grounds for fault.

Is North Carolina a no-fault state for car accidents?

No. North Carolina does not use no-fault laws. Instead, the party at fault for the accident is responsible for paying damages. Usually, the driver at fault has insurance that pays compensation.

What if a car accident is partially my fault?

North Carolina uses strict contributory negligence. A party who is at fault in any way – even only 1% at fault – can’t recover compensation. However, don’t assume that you’re at fault just because the other side says so. It’s a common tactic used to discourage people from making good claims.

For contributory negligence to apply, the person’s negligence must be a cause of the accident.

For example, one party runs a red light while the party with the right of way is on their cell phone. An accident occurs. The second party, being on their cell phone, did nothing to cause the accident – they had the right-of-way. The accident occurred because the party ran the red light.

Our injury lawyers in Jacksonville can evaluate your situation and fight unfair allegations of contributory negligence.

What compensation can I receive for a car accident?

A car accident victim can receive compensation for their economic and non-economic losses.

Types of compensation that you may receive for a car accident include:

  • Medical bills
  • Prescription medication and medical supplies
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mental health treatment
  • Lost income
  • Personal care expenses, nursing care
  • Vehicle and personal property damage
  • Physical suffering, emotional anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of lifestyle
  • Other economic and non-economic losses

North Carolina has minimum car insurance requirements. Usually, this insurance is the first place to look for compensation. As your lawyers, we investigate all possibilities for you to collect damages.

Car Accident Injuries

Common car accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones, fractures
  • Cuts, lacerations, bruising
  • Internal organ damage
  • Paralysis, spinal cord injury
  • Burns, disfigurement
  • Mobility issues
  • Pain, discomfort, and soreness
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Wrongful death

Have you been in a car accident? Get medical care!

Prompt medical attention is important for any car accident case. Here’s why:

  • Injuries – even serious ones – may not show symptoms right away. A professional evaluation may prevent additional harm and even save your life.
  • Medical attention documents your injuries and creates a timeline. It helps you fight any potential allegations that your injuries are not related to the accident.
  • Getting treated right away puts you on a path to healing. You avoid any suggestions that you didn’t do everything possible to heal from your injuries.

Major Roads and Traffic Routes in the Jacksonville Area

  • US-17, US-17 BUS
  • US-258
  • NC-24, NC-24 BUS
  • NC-53
  • Secondary Roads 1105, 1211, 1308, 1403, 1406, 1410
  • Johnson Blvd
  • Lejeune Blvd
  • Gum Branch Rd
  • Hargett Street
  • Henderson Dr
  • Jacksonville Parkway
  • Western Blvd
  • Piney Green Rd

There are hundreds of streets in Jacksonville, NC, and the surrounding areas. Car accidents occur on our Interstate freeways, highways, state roads, and local streets. They happen in parking lots and alleyways. Wherever your car accident has occurred, if you have been harmed by another party’s negligence, you may deserve financial compensation.

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Start your case with a free consultation with a car accident attorney in Jacksonville. If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, there’s no cost to talk to the lawyers at Horton & Mendez Injury Attorneys.

If you have been in a car accident, you may deserve financial compensation. Our Jacksonville, NC, car accident lawyers protect the rights of victims. Contact us at Horton & Mendez Injury Attorneys at 910-405-7751.

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Free Case Evaluation
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