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Motorcycle accidents are always dangerous for the biker. Statistically, there is a very high likelihood that a rider will suffer serious injuries in the crash. At Horton & Mendez Injury Attorneys, we believe an injured motorcyclist should seek every dollar in compensation that they can get when someone else wants to blame for their accident.

Our Gastonia motorcycle accident attorneys can take on the insurance company on your behalf when they try to deny you full and fair compensation. If you or a loved one were hurt in a motorcycle crash, call our lawyers today.

Motorcycle Accidents in Gaston County

There are roughly 100 motorcycle accidents each year in Gaston County, North Carolina. In fact, very few motorcycle accidents will result in property damage only.

North Carolina’s official statistics show that roughly 80% of Gaston County motorcycle accidents will cause an injury to one or more occupants of the motorcycle. In 2021 alone, five people lost their lives in Gaston County motorcycle accidents, and 99 people were hurt.

Common Causes of Gastonia Motorcycle Accidents

There are more serious motorcycle accidents in Gastonia than there have been at any point in the last several decades. Drivers can make all sorts of mistakes that can impact your safety as a motorcyclist sharing the road.

Some common causes of Gastonia motorcycle crashes include:

  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Tailgating
  • Aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Illegal lane changes
  • Illegal left-hand turns that cut across the motorcyclist’s lane

In order to receive financial compensation, you need to show the ways in which someone else was negligent and caused your injuries. It is not always easy to conduct your own motorcycle accident investigation, especially when you are dealing with physical injuries.

Our personal injury lawyers can investigate the motorcycle accident’s underlying causes, gathering the evidence that could be used to prove that someone else was to blame for what happened to you.

How to Prove Fault in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Like any other personal injury case, you have the burden of proof to demonstrate that someone else owes you money. You must come to the table with physical evidence and credible information that shows that the driver, or another defendant, was to blame for what happened. If you do not have the evidence, your claim may be denied, or a judge may not rule in your favor.

An attorney may use the following types of evidence to prove that someone else was at fault for the motorcycle accident:

  • Testimony from people who saw the accident
  • Pictures of the scene of the accident
  • Video camera footage or security footage that captured the accident
  • Testimony from an accident reconstruction expert
  • The police report from the accident, which the insurance companies may review

Potential Defendants in Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Most often, the other driver involved in the crash is the one against whom you would file a claim.

Their insurance company may do everything within their power to protect their driver. Otherwise, the insurance company would be liable to pay the full cost of your damage up to the policy limit.

The insurance company may even try to blame you to keep you from getting everything you deserve and compensation.

After your lawyer conducts an investigation of the accident, they may determine that there are other possible defendants who may sue. These defendants may include:

  • A driver who cut you off and forced you to fall from your bike
  • The manufacturer or seller of a motorcycle that was defective
  • The local government that failed to properly care for the road and keep it in reasonable condition

Compensation for Your Gastonia Motorcycle Accident Injuries

You may be entitled to a substantial amount of money in financial compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries. You are entitled to be paid for all that you have suffered, and your damages are unique to you. Do not accept what you may read about average motorcycle accident settlements. It is essential to know how much your claim is worth before you file, and our lawyers can provide that value by estimating the amount of your damages at your consultation.

Here is what you may be paid for in a motorcycle accident settlement or jury award:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium for a partner
  • Anxiety and depression

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Gastonia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

You should never worry about cost when you are looking for a motorcycle injury attorney. You have many other things on your mind, and money should not be one of them. Our motorcycle accident lawyers work for you like any personal injury attorney — we only receive any money if and when you win your case, and it never comes from your pocket.

The only way that your lawyer is paid is if you receive money from the responsible driver or their insurance company. You never have to pay any money upfront, and you do not receive bills for legal services, either while your case is pending or at the conclusion of it.

Contact a Gastonia Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

After you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, one of your first calls should be to an experienced attorney. Horton & Mendez Injury Attorneys work for injured clients in the Gastonia area, and we never rest until we have done everything in our power to not only get you compensation but the highest possible amount of money for your injuries. You can schedule an appointment to speak with one of our motorcycle accident lawyers during a free initial consultation. Message us online or call us today at 910-405-7751.

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